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Working with churches or organizations on a case-by-case basis--

Consulting implies sharing of expertise, and expertise speaks to problems that are easily diagnosed and fixed.  Many or most of the challenges to churches and leadership are complex with solutions yet to be discovered.  By asking good questions that acknowledge the elephants in the room, along with many years of successful experience in leading change, I welcome helping your organization embrace the future with hope and joy.


Workshop Leadership

 I can tailor a workshop to further growth and understanding in various areas: How to Lead When Quick Fixes are Futile (adaptive leadership), spiritual practices that grow the church spiritually and outwardly in mission with their community (missional church), renegotiating pastoral leadership expectations for the 21st century, leading change.  I have a gift for making things understandable to non-seminary trained folks.  17 years in a blue-collar town that turned-off and tuned-out if I spoke in "Churchese" makes me quite adept at speaking in a way people can hear.


If you'd like more information, please contact me: 973.479.4048 or


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