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Praise for Coaching with Robin


Robin helped me take a lifestyle issue that has been overwhelming me for a long time and break it down in to small, winnable steps, so I could both commit to the task on a daily basis and see that I was making progress. She helped lift the burden of failure I have felt around this matter and did so completely confident in my ability to move forward. Her confidence in me and her desire to help me gave me energy to move forward.


Robin brings both the depth of spirituality and the expansiveness of creativity to the coaching relationship, she opens windows of possibility I might not visualize.


Robin is a gifted and Spirit-led coach. She carefully and prayerfully sets up our time together in a provocative and heart-opening way, asks compelling coaching questions and concludes our conversation with commitments and a sense of possibility. During our coaching relationship, I have experienced growth and a number of “AHA” moments.



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