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Hope Partnership Facilitator/Coach

Beginning in 2018, Hope Partnership has formed a groundbreaking ecumenical partnership, bringing together the best practices and services of mainline Protestant denominations through their respective church extension funds, using an innovative ecumenical model to serve each other.

Participating church extension funds are from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Episcopal Church, and the United Church of Christ. Church extension funds provide capital financing to churches and ministry programs for building purchases, construction, renovation, as well as property redevelopment projects.

The best practices of programs and services, a new network of colleagues, decades of experiences, leadership, and faith have been pooled to provide transformational ministry services to a wider ecumenical network of congregations.

Ministry Services

New Beginnings

For the congregation that knows it can’t continue ‘as is’ but doesn’t yet know what to do.

Over 1,000 congregations have engaged the New Beginnings process, with 99% finding clarity and embracing a new vision for their future ministry.

Read more about New Beginnings.


Mission Pathways


For the congregation that wants to move forward and needs a plan.

The Mission Pathways process shows congregations how to use the capital, relational, and spiritual assets they currently have to be a transformative force in their communities.

Read more about Mission Pathways.



For the congregation longing to become a transforming presence both inside and outside of your church walls.

The Epiphany service is designed to help your congregation imagine, and then live into, a new vision for mission.

Read more about Epiphany.


Recasting – The Multi-Church Cluster

For the cluster of congregations seeking to unleash Spirit-filled energy from working in community.

Recasting is a multi-church transformation process, conducted with a cluster of (up to six) congregations to benefit from the dynamics of gathering in community. Congregations coming together to reimagine their ministries has proven to stimulate creativity, encourage accountability, and enhance a Spirit filled-experience for all.

Read more about Recasting.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Hope Partnership directly.  If you would like to work with me, request me.

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