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Healthy Congregation Facilitator

Healthy Congregations is an interfaith organization that understands the times in which we live in. We equip leaders for challenges of thinking more clearly about families, relationships, and faith communities. Our resources and training are based on seeing all communities as living systems that incorporate thinking, feeling, responsibility, and purpose. Healthy Congregations, Inc. has created educational resources and leadership development material designed with the purpose of encouraging healthier, clearer and deeper individual and community life based on the contributions of leaders in the field of Bowen Theory and congregational life.

The following workshops can be presented as one-day retreats.

Workshop 1: Creating Healthy Congregations

Session 1: What is System Thinking?

Session 2: DVD: "The Anxious Congregation," "The Responsible Congregation"

Session 3: Healthy Congregations Accept Differences

Session 4: Healthy Congregations Focus on Strength

Session 5: Healthy Congregations Focus on Mission

Workshop 2: Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety and Change

Session 1: Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety

Session 2: Healthy Congregations Manage Conflict

Session 3: Healthy Congregations Respond to Change

Session 4: Healthy Congregations Act Flexibly and Creatively

Session 5: Planning for a Healthier Future

Workshop 3: Leadership in Healthy Congregations

Session 1: The Self-Differentiated Leader

Session 2: DVD: "Healthy Leaders"

Session 3: Leaders Promote Health Through Their Presence and Functioning

Session 4: Leaders Challenge People

Session 5: Leaders Provide Immune Capacities

Workshop 4: Relationships in Healthy Congregations

Session 1: Forgiving

Session 2: Truthtelling

Session 3: Connecting

Session 4: DVD: "Healthy Helping"

Session 5: The Difficult Business of Helping

Workshop 5: Healthy Congregations Develop Generous People

Session 1: Life is All of a Piece

Session 2: The Stewardship of All Believers

Session 3: Money Talks

Session 4: Anxiety and Money

Session 5; People and Resources

Workshop 6: Spiritual Care of Healthy Congregations

Session 1: Holiness and Health

Session 2: Hospitality

Session 3: Helping People to Begin Again

Session 4: DVD: "The Spirit of Spirits"

Session 5: A Different Kind of Health

Healthy Congregations requires that Workshop 1 be presented before the others.  If you are only interested in Workshop 5 (Stewardship), it would require an additional retreat day to present Workshop 1.

Contact me if you would like any of these workshops presented for your congregation.


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