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for pulpit supply:



I am currently working as the interim pastor of the Long Valley Presbyterian Church, NJ and am unable to guest preach at this time.

Known for her preaching:

Compliments recently received:

During Advent, 2017, I preached about peacemaking encouraging people to reach out to people they love (whose politics they hate) to simply try to understand, not persuade. On Christmas Eve, a woman gave me this gift:  "I need to tell you something.  I called my sister-in-law who I hadn't spoken to in over a year, not since the election, because of one of your sermons.  It was sooo wonderful and sooo healing.  I can't thank you enough."

"You have the ability to make your sermons interesting as well as practical.  I understand something new, but I also have ways to apply it to everyday life.  Not everybody does that."

"Your children's sermons are outstanding."

What Robin says:

I love to preach.  It is always with fear and trembling, but I'm always seeking to equip people for the living of this life.  Because I get distracted easily, I know I have to grab people's attention and keep it.  I don't take myself too seriously, and I will try to make you laugh, but my allegiance is always towards making Jesus proud.  The goal is to point to God, to speak the truth in love, and to challenge us all to live faithfully in the knowledge of God's grace.

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