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Christian Plays by Robin Caroline

If I collected all the plays I've written "for church," they would fill a book.  (I should probably do that.)  In the meantime, here's a play I wrote for The Lower Valley Presbyterian Church's Christmas pageant, 2017.  If you would like me to write a play for your church, just give me a theme, and then I'll meet with your actors (in person or on-line), ask how many lines they want, and write accordingly.  We'll agree to an honorarium, and boom! No more boxed, lame plays.


Jeanne Radak

These kids did great.  Instead of Christmas carols, they had different students play their instruments or sing.  It was wonderful.  They performed without microphones, and you could hear them in the back.  Kudos to the costumer, and those who created the set.  To quote the pastor, "You stretched us, and it was a great success.  People are still talking about it."

"A Scooby Doo


A couple of pages are intentionally left blank.  If you buy the play, I will email you the full copyrighted copy.  I ask that you do not share with another church, but refer them to this website.  Thank you!

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